Hello And Welcome To The Team Rossco Website

Team Rossco Pty Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation created for the sole purpose of the provision, management and maintenance of 24/7 personal, physical and mental care of its director Mr Neville “Ross” Hood

Team Rossco was created in partnership with Good Directions, a service provider for the NDIS that specialises in their “Client-Owned Service” method of NDIS funds delivery to its clients, in which Ross is one of them.

Team Rossco aims to be the shining example of how a “Client-Owned Service” model can be of great benefit for NDIS participants.

This website/blog will fulfil a number of roles as time goes on. It will be…

  • An introduction to Ross Hood and news of his many creative endeavours
  • Bringing news regarding Team Rossco and its relationship with Good Directions
  • A showcase for the Good Directions “Client-Owned Service” model
  • The keeper of Ross Hood’s bucket list
  • Reviews of preferred accessibility and disability products and services
  • An accessibility/disability products and services links directory

Of course, any website such as this is always going to be a work in progress so over time you’ll see this site grow into a valued resource of all things Ross Hood, Team Rossco and accessibility/disability products and services.

If you need to contact us at Team Rossco for any reason, you can always drop us a line here.

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Corey Stewart
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